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Accelerating Cloud Journeys and Pipelines

Bridging the gap between business and cloud ecosystems by building accelerators

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We will bring the best of Cloud for you

We make you Fast in the distributed world running on Cloud.

With our Templates, Workflows, Frameworks and our Custom Products.

We partner you in your journey of Modernization, Migration, Digital Transformation or Future Readiness.

We help you run the show fast with Day0, Day1 and Day2 readiness on any of your Public Cloud Subscription and when you want to interchange your workloads across them.

Cloud Offerings

Cloud Consulting

With our extended exposure and architectural experience in the major Public cloud like AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle, digital ocean and hybrid cloud and data center we have learned their peculiarities and we always share them as our core consulting services. ...Know More

360° Ops

Accelerate your cloud journey by leveraging our end-to-end Cloud managed services. Make your cloud journey simpler, faster, and cost-effective, while meeting your business and digital objectives. ...Know More

Digital Transformation

We help you adopt transformation that is scalable, data-centric , evolutionary and modern while keeping your costs within the estimations. ...Know More

Platform Engineering

We build custom platforms and frameworks based on the business use cases and aligned to your needs of availability, resilience and budget. ...Know More

Are you facing difficulty in building your DevOps capability?

We are continuous experimenters in DevSecOps transformations. Having successfully transformed large digital platforms across various industries including Automotive, BFSI & Retail, e-commerce, our motto is to engineer a seamless digital fluency to your business. Powered by DevSecOps tools of your choice, this package delivers in just 3-6 months, your automation needs. For beginners, intermediates and advanced SaaS organizations.

DevOps Offerings

Automated Pipeline (CI / CD)

Cover different tech stack needs with efficient management of automated deployments for each type of release. Ensure build, deploy and operate are seamless. Unit / Integration / Security / Performance testing. Infrastructure as a Code and Release Orchestration.

Kubernetes Enablement

Deliver best-in-class cloud-agnostic container orchestration for your workloads. Migrate your workloads from VM's to containers. Automate cluster deployment strategies. Service-mesh enablement for microservices. Scalability based on custom metrics

Observability and Monitoring

Behavioural insight definitions for performance, compliance and security on your services and applications. Automate monitoring, tracing and logging. Connected view of all performance metrics at one place. Pinpoint issues faster and understand why


Securing application and infrastructure using compliance checkpoints. Provide central SIEM (Security, Information and Event Management). Cloud compliance and governance. Granular, policy based IAM and authentication controls

Working Process

How it works?

We have crafted the process to ensure there is clear delivery principles followed


Requirement gathering: Multiple discussions to thoroughly understand and clarify the functional and non-functional requirements.

Project Scope: Articulate what the project entails so that all stakeholders can understand what's involved. This includes defining, at a high level, what the system will do and establishes the boundaries within which the team will operate.

Project feasibility: A project must be feasible from technical, operational, and business perspectives. In other words, one should be able to build it and once it's deployed we should be able to run it. It should also economically makes sense to do these things.

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The aim is to gather the information necessary to control the software project. It describes the approach to development and is the used to direct the development effort and track progress.

Focussed actions are listed below:

  • Architecture
  • Application Design
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Infrastructure cost and estimate
  • Number of people needed
  • Delivery timeline
  • Deliverables
  • Technology
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We believe that the way people interact with each other is the primary determinant of success for a solution delivery team. Also, the team members should collaborate closely and learn from each other.

Following agile methodology, the team will be presenting the sprint progress every 2 weeks to ensure there is no deviation from the vision.

While most of the executions fail because of Cloud infrastructure spend, our teams ensure this is taken care with clear definition of infrastructure sizing and keep safety check on cloud billing.

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